DASA DevOps Courses

Suerte Academy offers the full range of DASA DevOps training courses and certifications. All courses will be delivered online and in English by our very experienced DevOps Coaches.

DevOps Certifications

Please see our training schedule below. Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to enrol in a course or to request more detailed information.

Course NameStart DateEnd DatePrice
DASA DevOps Fundamentals01-Mar-202102-Mar-2021€ 1.425,-
DASA DevOps Professional Enable & Scale08-Mar-202109-Mar-2021€ 1.575,-
DASA DevOps Coach15-Mar-202118-Mar-2021€ 2.100,-
DASA DevOps Fundamentals05-Apr-202106-Apr-2021€ 1.425,-
DASA DevOps Product Owner12-Apr-202113-Apr-2021€ 1.575,-
DASA DevOps Fundamentals03-May-202104-May-2021€ 1.425,-
DASA DevOps Professional Enable & Scale10-May-202111-May-2021€ 1.575,-
DASA DevOps Coach17-May-202120-May-2021€ 2.100,-
DASA DevOps Professional Specify & Verify24-May-202125-May-2021€ 1.575,-
DASA DevOps Fundamentals07-Jun-202108-Jun-2021€ 1.425,-
DASA DevOps Product Owner14-Jun-202115-Jun-2021€ 1.575,-
DASA DevOps Leader21-Jun-202122-Jun-2021€ 1.575,-
DASA DevOps Fundamentals05-Jul-202106-Jul-2021€ 1.425,-
DASA DevOps Professional Enable & Scale12-Jul-202113-Jul-2021€ 1.575,-
DASA DevOps Coach19-Jul-202122-Jul-2021€ 2.100,-
DASA DevOps Professional Specify & Verify26-Jul-202127-Jul-2021€ 1.575,-

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