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4 Steps to Build a High Performing DevOps Culture

Welcome! Great that you’ve joined us for this video series on DevOps Culture, a joined initiative of EXIN and Suerte Academy. This video series is all about DevOps, but in a different way than you are probably used to.

This video series focusses on the cultural dimension of DevOps. You won’t hear about the best practices related to processes and technology. Not that we think these are not important. But because our passion is with people, their mindset, their skillset, their behaviour and how this leads them to success.

In these 15-minute videos we will dive in and look at four steps (or levels if you like) to build a high-performing DevOps culture: individual, team, value stream and leader. At each of these levels, creating the right mindset, skillset and behaviour is important. We will explain what is needed and how you could act to achieve something on that particular level.

Video 1: What do you need as a DevOps professional?

In this first video we will focus on the individual DevOps professional. What mindset and skillset are important to be successful in a DevOps environment? We will discuss the importance of having a ‘growth mindset’ and understanding the different perceptions people have.

Video 2: What are the characteristics of a successful team?

In this second video we move to the level of the DevOps team. A well-functioning team is one of the prerequisites for any successful DevOps implementation. A DevOps team is something entirely different than just a group of people. A team like that usually doesn’t develop on its own.

Video 3: How do teams collaborate in the value streams?

In this third video we put the DevOps team in a broader context. While teams are highly dependent on the rest of the business, in most cases, not the entire organization is a DevOps one. But still, both parties have to cooperate and understand each other to serve the end customer.

Video 4: How does leadership facilitate the DevOps culture?

In this fourth video we look at the role of leadership. Their role is to facilitate the teams. But when leadership stays too much in ‘control mode’, the teams will not reach their maximum potential. On the other hand, the teams need to be able to develop and report a predictable velocity.

Webinar: DevOps culture in the transformation journey

In this final interactive webinar, we will conclude with our view on how the cultural dimension can be addressed during the three waves of a DevOps transformation. Here we will bring the four individual levels together.

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    What do we mean by culture?

    Culture is often defined as the shared values and believes of a group; a collective mindset. How do you view yourself and others? What is seen to be important?

    This mindset, together with the skills the group possesses, determines to a large extend the behaviour of the group and their success towards a new way of working.

    In these videos we therefore refer to culture as the combination of mindset and skillset.