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SIAM Maturity Assessment

Welcome to our SIAM Maturity Assessment. You will be asked statements in 8 categories (see right column) about the maturity of your House of SIAM. For each statement please indicate if you (strongly) disagree, are neutral or (strongly) agree with the statement.

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Building the House of SIAM

Optimal collaboration between all parties involved in the ecosystem requires that a number of practices are properly implemented. We like to use the metaphor of the “SIAM House” to explain what it takes to make good collaboration possible.

House of SIAM

Only if all rooms (read: practices) are properly designed can parties work together optimally to deliver world class end-to-end services. These practices are:

  • Strategy
  • Services
  • Governance
  • Contracts
  • Processes
  • Technology
  • Measurement
  • People

During the SIAM Roadmap, the SIAM House is designed, built and continuously improved. The customer organisation and service integrator both have a responsibility in this.